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As guest ascends up the mountain slopes of Genting Highlands,

they catch a glimpse of the architecture - pristine, sleek platforms

that appear to float among the natural landscape like clouds.


Sunlight, fog and mist paint various sceneries at different times

of the day. Leaves and branches cast shadows on you that shift over time, allowing you to perceive time through the sun’s position in the sky. These subtle changes that graces the scenery creates an ephemeral experience - each unique to the other.

Luxuriate in scenery, as you take in the spectacular views overlooking mountains, to glistening dew lining the meandering paths and the immense panoramic stars at night. With its high ceilings and wide windows overlooking the tropical rainforest, the spaces pays homage to the openness of the great outdoors that surround it. 

The view essentially becomes a part of the room while the interiors provide a sense of relaxation and intimacy, gently inviting guests to enjoy its natural offerings. The whispering trees, undulating trails covered with forest leaves that crackle beneath our feet, the sounds

of a distance birdsong and cool mist that seeps in and out of the gradient hills infuses the entire atmosphere with a sense of wonder and relaxation unique to location.

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