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Designstudio MVH represents the culmination of culture, craftmanship and collaboration. In a holistic approach of storytelling design, our methodology embodies that of a journey, each one unique from any other. The process begins at its core, rigorous research within the cultural context that informs the insightful experience, textures and forms of each space. We believe concepts are core and are a reflection of each design manifestation.


Our design process allows us to push our capacity out of conventional formulas into new and unchartered ground. We strive to practice a simultaneous interaction between experience, form, light and materiality on macro and micro scales. This interaction is significant as it creates meaningful context to each project and its final built forms.


Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, our detailed craftmanship combined with a vast collection of unique materials produced intricately by skilled artisans bring about endless possibilities of creation. These bespoke interiors, architecture, objects and landscape fuse together to create immersive environments. We bring concepts to reality with detailed, photographic visuals and animated scenes that portray the actual space. Combining aesthetics with functionality, via immersive technology, we create a visceral way of communication that transcend the boundaries of language, time and geographical locations.


In everything we undertake, DesignstudioMVH is defined by innovative thinking, professional responsibility and a passion for collaboration. We believe the inter-exchange of knowledge through different partners increases our ability for better spaces and built environments. Our team is committed to the realization of each designs, small and large. This process ensures that the integrity of the design remains from beginning to the end. We are dedicated to a detailed execution and ongoing communication with our clients, consultants, builders and artisans throughout the entire process.

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