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Tribute to Malaysian Heritage


Aira is a seamless merge of tradition with modernity – introducing elements of the local artisanal hand-crafted techniques together with the sculptural clean lines of European furniture and lighting.  The design, reflects a twofold identity, between local heritage and Kuala Lumpur’s global position.

A large part of the design elements pay homage to the local artistry scene, which involves techniques often found in textiles, prints and furniture across Southeast Asia. The rugs are handwoven and carved at a local factory to achieve a tactility across the surface. While fabrics are sources from Jim Thompson, renown for woven silk and linen. The other fabrics used are Italian made, promising a touch of luxury to elevate traditional textures.


Drawing from elements off Songket, Batik printing, straw marquetry and Rattan Weaving, these techniques are integrated into feature artworks, carved wood-sideboards and even accent trays.

The overall neutral palette is enhanced with a touch of teal from the velvet sofa in the living spaces to the dining chairs and soft carpet in the dining area. Dark stain oak helms most of the furniture frames and bases providing a cohesive look throughout the residence save for a few exceptions such as the Macassar Ebony veneer cladding the coffee as the centerpiece of the living room. The furniture selection becomes a cross culture of east and west featuring a stunning Catellani & Smith Chandelier, while urban modernity is introduce via Lee Broom’s Eclipse pendant lamps and a conversation-starter Aviation desk by Restoration Hardware.

Aira is a sanctuary that reminisces its past while embracing the influences of the contemporary world.

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