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Flow of Life


A vibrant sensory retreat from the norm of gallery spaces, the design re-envisions this space as a vast lush garden. The continuous element of a river carries people in a series of transitions from one space to another, inviting them to linger, meander and discover their surroundings. The river blurs the boundaries between architecture and interior, inviting nature within the building.

Topography of Flow

The river topography running through the gallery embodies the

idea of life and vitality. Natural elements of water, wind and energy are often connected and related to the picture of health, wellness and rejuvenation.


The courtyard opens up the public space, allowing to accommodate a variety of experiences for visitors: discussions over the table, social performances on the deck, finding respite beside running waters or just appreciating nature within the environment. The contoured ceilings extend beyond the architectural boundaries of the gallery, partially covering the courtyard and creating playful intersections between the buildings.

Topography of Layers

Undulating contours of oak wood line the ceiling, takes cues from the riverbank and paddy field topography. These contours inlayed

in brass plays with layering as it transitions downwards on to curved edges of scale model display. These gentle curves create invisible boundaries, providing pockets of privacy within a larger space.

Topography of Texture

Abstract patterns that takes cues from water ripples are applied on carpets, textiles and soft furnishing throughout the gallery. Hanging pendant blooms hang across the various seating clusters contrast harmoniously with sculptural elements such as pebble, a carved stone and wood. Carefully crafted art pieces are customized for this space – tracing the topography of river contours onto bronze embossed plates.

The KLWC seeks to re-shape the way we envision and occupy

gallery spaces, inviting us to pause and find respite in the midst

of a city-life bustle.

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