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A private sanctuary in the heart of the city centre, surrounded

by the multicultural energy of Malaysia’s charismatic capital.

Our studio was commission to re-invigorate the existing

Lift Lobby & Poolside Deck and Lounge. The overall layout

was designed to be perfectly symmetrical, reflecting a

moderate rhythm in a tranquil space.


The synergy of the twin pocket living is referenced through a subtle dualism, acknowledging symmetry through fixtures and detailing. This carries forward the idea of two complementary halves, precision and purity within the architectural perspective. soft and natural palette guides a sense of calm from the moment of entry. The predominantly neutral tonal palette is accented

by the brass lift car, which injects a tangible glow to uplift

the overall interior, spilling over to the outdoor pool deck.


The symmetry is gently interrupted by the customised metal screen, a herringbone-like pattern in bone and metal, placed

in the corridor to screen off public circulation, creating a visual connection between the spaces. Honed stone, timber panelling and shimmery surfaces distinguish the space, bringing a new functionality and a contemporary setting to the space. The design of this area celebrates the local materials, crafts and processes, revealing the cultural elements of this multicultural city while maintaining the distinct essence of the Four Seasons brand.

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