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Il Lago Restaurant

Situated on the shores of the magnificent Lake Geneva, Il Lago celebrates the fluidity of waterscapes – amplifying the landscape that surrounds the prestigious Four Season des Bergues.

The design philosophy unites the sophisticated purity of the Swiss legacy with the fresh lightness found in Mediterranean hospitality. Il Lago is an assemblage of tranquil tones that evoke a sense of soothing sophistication through the lens of leisurely days spent by the water.

Tones of azure, blue mist, silver lake, moonstone and pebble-white come together to create a serene yet pristine monochromatic palette. Movements of undulation, refractions and ripples are expressed through sculptural forms, handblown glass lighting, bespoke furniture and tactile materials. Immerse yourself in the Journey of Water, a navigation through waterscapes that manifest in a relationship between design and nature – Il Lago is a feast for the senses.

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