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Standing atop the rooftop of one of the most prestigious hotels in Geneva, the design ethos of Izumi embodies the delicate intricacy of Japanese craft while evocating the Swiss heritage of precision, orderly elegance and discreet luxury.

The aesthetic detailing found in the joinery millwork and bespoke furniture is an echo of the Four Seasons brand within the Swiss context - stellar reputation, meticulous craftmanship and incredible attention to detail.

Il Lago Four Seasons
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Drawing from Geneva’s harmonious connection with nature, the design takes its cues from an autumn equinox - using layering, transparency, earthy nuances that reflect the beauty of the local landscape with a hint of Japanese influence.


The warm chromatic scheme picks up from existing dark floors, weaving in and out of textured blonde timbers, onyx and layered glass in amber tones. In celebration of the Izumi’s Nikkei cuisine, the furnitures are a homage to a Japanese tradition - Tatami-style dining, however elevated using pristine and sophisticated textiles.

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