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City Of Sails

NZ 2035 celebrates the essence of the Auckland’s coastline and its nautical landscape – sweeping energy, lofty heights and a sense of calm grandeur.  Referencing Auckland’s nickname, as the City of Sails, the architecture and interior design pays tribute to the sculptural forms and movements aboard sailing vessels.

The approach of the building and its functional spaces interplay between the vibrant energy found in social and public gatherings as well as more cosy, intimate settings found in a home. One likens this to the journey of sailing boat – interchanging from robust movements across waters to a gentle stillness as the winds die down and the vessel enters the harbour at the end of the day. It is a curated series of spaces, both for public and residential. Layered courtyards within the architecture introduce light and a sense connection with the outdoors into an otherwise narrow building.

Working in harmony with this, the design’s aim is to introduce the coastline landscape in an urban setting. A palette of light yet textural timbers references the materials use on vessels, while refined stone and polished metals stand in contrast with textural fabrics. The overall approach brings together a harmonious atmosphere reflecting the unique character of the building’s locality.

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