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Lumina Lounge & Bar brings together a dynamic and cosmopolitan energy centred around the cityscape of Kuala Lumpur, glittering admits the night sky from the peak of Genting Highlands. This decadent bar is an immersive journey of resplendent luminosity, weaving together elements of luminescence, radiance and energy.

Intelligent interiors crafted from an ensemble of curated materials

such as bronze mirrors and reflective crystal tubes, blend seamlessly with ripple rose gold metal, Erable Nero wood and champagne textured wallpaper. Stunning gemstones of Tiger Eye, Lemurian Labradorite and Swarovski are shaped and refined into bespoke furniture. 


The space draws the eye towards the main feature that is the bar,

a striking expression clad in bevelled rich metallic bronze mirrors,

which hint at the illusion of infinity. Flecks of iridescent flowers off

the Lemurian Labradorite table top, accented by lush velvet in

emerald, cast delightful pockets of sapphire, green and aquamarine

in a shimmery opalescence similar to the feathers of a peacock. Suspended above, a chandelier of cascading crystal tubes

completes this extraordinary centrepiece.

On the offset of the bar stands the stage, covered in champagne coloured leather tiles, both flat and padded, form a dynamic wall

to showcase the baby grand piano. Pockets of lounge seating

are demarcated clearly by the serving stations and gridlines of

rose gold in the ceiling. Bold contrast of gold and black can be

found on table tops and cocktail tables, by use of Ebony Macassar

wood, polished brass and Nero Portoro marble. A contemporary elaboration of opulence and energy, Bar Lumina combines the exploration of materiality while demonstrating meticulous attention to detail, emitting a seductive lustre and cosmopolitan energy to the ultimate guest experience.

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