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Situated along the beautiful shores of the pacific, Playamar Tres Cantos celebrates the cultural landscape of Mexico - rich in history, traditions, architecture and art. Nature, organic shapes and earth tone colours meet Acapulco hot sunshine and inviting pools to create a modernist escape for peace-seekers and design lovers alike.

The architecture itself speaks of the city’s location on the deep semi-circular bay along the beach – with the communal areas surrounding the poolside and beach area. Echoing this, nature and sculptural forms informed the design direction, capturing moments of tranquillity, yet paired with a fresh take on Mexican flair.

Further, we take inspiration from the meaning behind Acapulco “at the big reeds” introducing textures and materials that evokes the memory of this symbolic plant. Throughout the communal areas, earth-tone colours abound encouraging relaxation. On the terraces and outdoor spaces, statement pieces of lounge furniture overlook the pools and sea, inviting guests experience Acapulco from a unique perspective.

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