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Refresh, Renew, Revitalize.

The home is a place of nurturing, healing and growth. It is often connected with thoughts of a safe haven, sanctuary and memories.


Flow of Life embodies a space that is alive yet balanced and holistic in its approach. Natural elements of crystals, water and flora are often related with wellness and wholeness – this is the narrative that runs throughout the home, intertwining textures, form, spatial experiences and tangible touches such as furniture, light and objects.

The Camelia flower – symbolic of longevity and renewal is a key concept within the home. Undulations of soft petals, delicate tactile touched and blooming movements abstracted into lace patterns are applied throughout the project. The curved forms allows an interplay of light and shadow, highlighting a delicate variation of tone and texture.

On the other hand, the textural formation of crystal and quartz up-close gestures to a sunburst pattern. These geometric tessellations bring a burst of energy – attracting the eye to its movement of lines.

Last, nature’s element of water, the way it moves and refracts light is often a key inspiration in many aspects of design. Ripples, waves and gentle undulations inspire the forms of lighting, furniture, archways and even wall to ceiling treatments.

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