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Midnight Pearl plays on the composition of dramatic forms,

poetic symmetry, geometric impressions combined with

embellished texture. It is an exploration of rhythmic movement through tactile materials, patterns and repeating lines. The design concept celebrates the beauty of the dramatic with its unique composition of light, shadows and reflective patterns while the maintaining a warm understated sense of luxury within the home.



Striking features of sunburst patterns on carpets, bookmatch

grains of polished marble are place intentionally at key locations

in the home - directly the eye to its gaze as the feature of the room. These provocative statements are essential in creating contrast, tension and a certain sense of grandeur any luxury residence.


Upholstered panels, tufted leather and timber cladded walls with rotated grain alignments play a part in creating movement despite

the architectural staticity. Inlays, lines and patterns are welcomed

into an expansive space to draw the eyeline while creating textures.



Materials are strategically arranged in a mirrored manner to

create dynamic perspectives on a flat surface. These symmetries, although seemingly rigid and structured are infused with textural

grain and sculptural forms to add a nuance, marrying the rich,

tactile characteristics of Indian heritage with gestures of modernity.


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