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Highly theatrical and meticulously choreographed, this residence

is a study of contrasts and drama. Throughout the design process, the intention of working with the local arts and crafts community was woven into the space. The integration of special materials

such as eggshell panels, shagreen and straws surfaces can be

seen via various forms across elegant furniture, doorways and panels even down to the artwork and accessories. Each bespoke furniture shares a similar language, one that celebrates traditional craft gracefully presented in a modern form.

The interplay between glinting metals, textural patterns and

luxurious fabrics imparts a moderately seductive effect. While

in contrast, tone-on-tone colour palette brings a touch of rhythm

and calm to the home. A double volume imbues the living lounge with soft natural lighting and further illuminates champagne accents of the sculptural chandelier sitting above. On either side, geometric screens and mirrors frame our view, allowing one to take in the transitions of spaces beyond the living lounge at a whole glance.  

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