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Exquisite artistry and a lifestyle of flair depict this residence style. Inspired by vast travels across the globe, the home display an international-modernist design featuring a well cultivated art collection represented through Italian mosaics around the home. Impeccable texture of velvet and silk along with the elegance of marble create an astonishing flair in this classic-contemporary home. Fine craftsmanship of marquetry and refine details of furniture element enhance the clean line of the overall look.

The entrance opens to a striking Phoenix beige marble spiral staircase, luxurious living room with brass inlayed wood panelling walls, leather sofas, richly upholstered armchairs that offers a comfortable atmosphere for the occupants. The biggest factor is reserved for the bespoke lighting sculpture, inspired by nature

and emotions, providing sensations of depth and motions.

Ascending flight of stairs through the grand staircase, a secluded master suite and second suites occupy the middle level, a peaceful sanctuary for an evening respite. A continuation the private rooms with textured, rich palettes of woods and textiles yet maintaining a calm and minimalist sensibility, with soft linen drapery tempering natural light.

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