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This luxury private home offers a masculine yet stylish approach

to a bachelor’s home. Smoothly carved rugs, glistening chandeliers 

in crystals and lustrous velvet cushions appealed to lovers of the

finer details; velvet sofas and armchairs upholstered by fabrics from

Lizzo and Armani Casa, offered a coveted aesthetic for the client.

The overall bronze colour palette reflects the owner’s preference towards natural material elements. Warm walnut grains, onyx stone and solid oak wood fill the living and dining spaces with a rich warm tone. Bronze trims were chosen as a hardware accent, in keeping

with the aesthetics while adding glamourous touches.

To soften up the materials, soft furnishings were created in

glistening velvets and silk, rendered in all manner of sheeny metallic hues. Classic silhouettes such as leather clad dining chairs, pair with

a modern dining table crafted from walnut veneer and a brass double sled base to create a timeless yet sleek look. A statement chandelier add a touch of glamour into the overall space. It is an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication, inviting and unique to its characteristics providing that sense of well-being in a home.

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