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Artic Fever celebrates the fluid versatility of water and its significant role to the natural environment surrounding it. The ocean, in its essence represent infinite possibilities, as is with every adventure taken on this private yacht. This particular journey across the sea brings us to the pristine white wilderness of the Antarctica. It is a spectacular backdrop of ocean swells, pristine blue skies, snow-capped mountains, glassy waters and towering glacial scenery.


Capturing the distinctive spirit of its iconic destination – the Artic Kingdom, these majestic elements are reflected throughout the exterior and interior of the yacht. Artic Fever offers a tangible expression of a water-inspired evolution that personifies the taste of the Northern Hemisphere. The overall approach brings together, an immersive, multi-sensory experience for all who step onboard.


The design navigates through the different forms and structure of water found in the Northern Kingdom – frost, snow, crystals, mist, ripples, waves and its infinite possibilities. Tones of silver, pewter, pebble-white, cream come together to create a tranquil yet pristine monochromatic palette. Corresponding to its name, accents pieces of sunburst gold and woodgrains add a layer of warmth to the overall icy palette, taking a play on the name Artic Fever. It is an experience that is heightened by bespoke furniture, exquisite materials, bold elements, sophisticated detailing and state-of-the art systems creating a harmonious atmosphere of ultimate hospitality.

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